Almost done!

I’ve finally finished the sixth course out of seven for Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate! I’m almost done with the certificate and I’m excited! This time, I built a responsive web design for a ceramics class sign-up process. I decided I wanted this design to be a bit more minimal on colors since I used so many on my last design. This one is partially finished–I built out every page (I think!) for the desktop design but only the necessary pages to complete the flow for the mobile. I also still have the tablet version to finish. So this will be another project to go back to at a later date once the course is finished. But I’m happy with how it’s turning out. I really liked a lot of the functionality I found in Adobe XD that I couldn’t find in Figma, like repeat grids and auto-animate, but I miss the community library tab that Figma has that I couldn’t find in Adobe XD. Anyways, I start the last course today: Design a User Experience for Social Good & Prepare for Jobs. Hopefully it won’t take as long as the last course. Here I go!


By Liz

Seattle-based graphic designer with a passion for all things design, including web and digital media, HTML and CSS, and print collateral ranging from flyers and advertisements to t-shirts and billboards. Check out my portfolio at

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