Another course completed

I’m officially done with my first course project and the fifth course in Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate! I’ve got a mobile app design and a case study to go with it. I really like how it turned out for a first project. There were some aspects of the prototyping that I couldn’t figure out that I wanted set up for my app’s flow, so I want to dig into Figma further once I finish this certificate program. The next course is Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD and I’m going to focus on creating the sign-up process for a ceramics studio. I used to enjoy ceramics in high school and would love to get back into it one day, so that’s why I chose it as my focus for this next project. I’m supposed to go through every step I’ve learned so far in the past five courses all in this one, so hopefully it won’t take as long as completing all of those courses did!


By Liz

Seattle-based graphic designer with a passion for all things design, including web and digital media, HTML and CSS, and print collateral ranging from flyers and advertisements to t-shirts and billboards. Check out my portfolio at

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