Two down, five to go!

I’ve finished the second course in Google’s UX Design Professional Certificate on Coursera! I actually finished it late Wednesday night after waiting for two peer projects to appear for review, and waiting on my project to be peer reviewed in return. And yesterday my fiancé and I went hiking at Franklin Falls so I didn’t make time to post the update here. I think the second course in the program will end up being the hardest for me to wrap my head around fully, just because there was a lot of writing to explain things and I like to keep my writing short and sweet and to the point. That, and I think the way some prompts were worded weren’t as clear to me what was being asked. It definitely helped having examples and exemplars throughout the course so I could check to make sure my answers to prompts were matching up with what was expected. I’m on to course three today to start learning about building wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes, and I’m really excited to get to this phase! Wish me luck!


By Liz

Seattle-based graphic designer with a passion for all things design, including web and digital media, HTML and CSS, and print collateral ranging from flyers and advertisements to t-shirts and billboards. Check out my portfolio at

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